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About Bencom Group

The first company (Bellen.com) was founded in 1998, followed by Gaslicht.com (2003), LookingforBooking.com (2009), and Poliswijzer.nl (2014). The Bencompare app was launched in 2018. In 2023, the group as a whole employs approximately 55 employees and maintains seven comparison websites from its two office locations in Groningen and Amersfoort. The Bencom Group provides consumers, institutions, and businesses with independent and objective information about services and rates in the fields of telecom, internet, energy, insurance, and hotel accommodations.

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Independent and objective

Independence is always maintained to ensure that consumers can continue to trust us. The comparisons are, therefore, always entirely objective. Bencom Group is not affiliated with any vested interest, so providers have no influence over the activities and the information displayed on the websites.

Bencom Group has no incentive to prioritize a particular provider; its comparisons also include providers with whom it has no collaboration, even if they emerge as the best choice from the comparison. Additionally, Bencom Group aims to provide the most comprehensive view of the market by including at least 95% of the offerings in a particular market in its comparisons.

How it all started

Let’s take you back to the year 1998. At that time, 13-year-old Ben Woldring was given a school assignment with the goal of creating a website. Ben decided to create an overview of various rates for landline telephony. Using a book from the library titled “HTML in Twenty Steps, How to Create a Beautiful Website,” Ben built the website Bellen.com.

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Meet our team

We work daily with an enthusiastic team on our seven comparison websites. We do this from our two office locations in Groningen and Amersfoort. We are always looking for people who share our vision, ambition, and positive energy. Interested in working with us? Check out our job openings.

Revenue model

The services of the Bencom Group are completely free for consumers. In many cases, visitors have the option to sign up directly for a product or service. This is possible because we either link visitors directly to the provider’s or webshop’s website or because visitors sign up through the Bencom Sign-Up Service. Since our sites primarily attract individuals who are researching the market and are on the verge of signing up for a particular service, we are the ideal place for advertisers to promote these services.

VacanciesAll vacancies

At Bencom Group we are always looking for people who share our vision, ambitions and positive energy.

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