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The new Bencompare app is the next step in comparison

Ben Woldring is launching the European app Bencompare for saving on insurance, contracts and subscriptions

Zagreb, 15th March 2018 – With 20 years of experience in independent comparison sites such as and, internet entrepreneur Ben Woldring (33) brings today the next step in comparison. With the app Bencompare for iPhone and Android you can see exactly what you spend on your household bills, and how they could be cheaper. The app, that is officially launched today for Europe at LEAP Summit, does that smarter than ever.

Ben Woldring: “With Bencompare your contracts and subscriptions are easily stored in a digital vault. This way you have all your expenses in one place and you can see what you pay each month. If a contract, subscription or policy expires, you immediately receive a notification and also appropriate suggestions for renewing or switching to the cheapest and best deal in the future.”

Privacy comes first

Bencompare was developed together with a team of scientists and top developers. The app has been designed in a way so that your information is optimally protected. “Privacy comes first,” explains the entrepreneur from The Netherlands. “Everything is encrypted and stored securely in the cloud; you, and only you, decide with whom your data is shared. The app can also be protected with your fingerprint or Face ID.”

A European app

Bencompare was officially launched today during LEAP Summit 2018 for the whole of Europe. The app was launched last month for the Netherlands  during the Big Improvement Day. In the meantime, new features have been developed; for example, you can now also compare flights in the app. You are shown the cheapest options to your chosen destination. The app is now available in all European app stores and is supported in 23 languages. Moreover, you can find providers and comparison websites in almost every European country so it is easy to add your contract and compare in the appropriate category.

Full of unique features

Bencompare is full of handy features that help you save money on all household bills:

  • A vault for all your expenses: contracts, subscriptions and insurance, from your gym to energy contract, from your car insurance to telephone subscription
  • See what you pay each month and when contracts expire
  • Receive a notification when a contract expires
  • Direct comparison with suggestions for comparison websites in almost every European country
  • Support for multiple family members and addresses by separating contracts into different vaults; therefore, suitable for your partner, children and business address
  • 100% independent
  • Monitors your privacy
  • Is being developed together with users

Bencompare is free to download for iOS and Android

Background information about Bencompare:

Bencompare is a consumer-oriented service. As part of the Bencom Group, the makers behind Bencompare have 20 years of experience as market leaders in independent comparison sites such as,,,,,, and

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